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Joe Lynch

Joe Lynch was born in Long Island, New York and was raised on a steady diet of horror & Amblin films, Stephen King novels, heavy metal & comic books. His first foray into filmmaking was hooking up 2 VCR cameras and creating "remixes" of his favorite movie scenes to new music, and creating home-spun gore effects to shock his family members (it rarely worked). 

Upon graduating from Syracuse University, where his two student shorts, mAHARBA and hiBeams got Lynch named Filmmaker of the Year in 1999 in The Village Voice's Best of Long Island issue. Joe's first film job was working with the legendary Troma films, working on TERROR FIRMER & was then hired as an in-house writer/producer/Toxic Avenger model. Post-Troma, Lynch then created, produced & shot the hit US TV show URANIUM for Fuse, and directed music videos and documentaries for artists like 311, Sugarcult, DevilDriver, DVDA, Coal Chamber, Strapping Young Lad & Pete Yorn.

20th Century Fox's WRONG TURN 2: DEAD END was Lynch's first foray into feature filmmaking – a dream come true for the die-hard horror fanatic. This love letter to Splatter films of the 80's was a surprising critical and financial success, making many Top 10 lists on horror publications and websites and is still considered one of Fox's best selling DTV films to date.

After WRONG TURN 2, Lynch served as Creative Director at, where he developed and produced many of the site's popular web franchises, including FEEDBACK, THE MMO REPORT, FRESH INK & the Webby Award winning series FREESTYLE 101. Lynch also oversaw many of the network's live coverage of events, including E3, Comic-Con & the Tokyo Game Show, as well as commercial campaigns for Jinx and Sony (which he also directed). Lynch also directed the popular 311 music video "Hey You" in 2009.

Lynch was then tapped to direct the "Heavy Metal Horror Adventure", KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM, for IndieVest Pictures, which follows a band of modern-day friends who embark on a LARP (Live Action Role Playing), leaving to dark, dangerous (and often time hilarious) results. This was another "passion project" which allowed Lynch to sate his love for adventure films while working with some of today's top talents, in front and behind the camera; an all-star cast including Steve Zahn (TREME), Peter Dinklage (GAME OF THRONES), Ryan Kwanten (TRUE BLOOD) & Summer Glau(SERENITY), among others and Cinematographer Sam McCurdy(THE DECENT, CENTURION), editor Howard Smith (THE ABYSS, STRANGE DAYS), Creature FX designers Spectral Motion (HELLBOY 2, X-MEN: FIRST CLASS) and composer Bear McCreary(BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, WALKING DEAD), marking their second collaboration together. The film is currently set to release in Spring in 2012

Along with CHILLERAMA, Lynch's upcoming projects include Co-Starring & Executive Producing FEARnet's first original sitcom, BLOOD & GUTS, .a special Halloween-themed web series for G4 as well as prepping his next directorial feature, EVERLY, an ambitious action thriller which he co-wrote with Yale Hannon (the script was on 2010's coveted Black List) and will be shooting early next year for Anonymous Content & Crime Scene Pictures.

Lynch currently resides in LA with his lovely (and patient) wife Briana, their son Remy Plissken and their manic pooch "Buckaroo" Banzai. 

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